A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is for the 'MMU Game A Week' games jam a week at my university (Manchester Metropolitan University).

The theme was: Traitors.

I have "Imposter Syndrome" and decided to make a dating simulator where you don't have imposter syndrome but are literally an imposter at a computing club.

Synopsis: Player (Hugh Man) is trying to get into a long term relationship but they're crap at it. Instead of finding people with similar interests they go to every club at their university and try to infiltrate it pretending to be into *insert subject here* and it's never worked, the FINAL club left is the university 'Computer Club'.

The club has speed dating once a month for the members, so Hugh Man joins and goes to that speed date event. The game is you, Hugh Man, at the speed dating event.

There is a good end and a bad end, your job is to either be clueless about computing and get the bad end (and hopefully laugh at the terrible puns) or answer with more computer based answers and impress them, getting the good ending.

(As this is a game a week, I had no time to produce the backgrounds or avatars, so I used)


Narrator: Kouda_Ha (Me, I read the narration)

Also made a Reddit Thread asking for jokes: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/r5qbbh/doing_a_games_jam_at_uni_anybody_got_a_silly/

Background: https://neeka-of-obp.itch.io/academia-background-pack-lite

Male and Non-binary characters: https://sutemo.itch.io/male-character-sprite-for-visual-novel

Female characters: https://sutemo.itch.io/female-mature-anime-sprite

Background Music (‘Chillout Café’ by JuliusH): https://pixabay.com/music/search/cafe/

Bell sound: https://soundbible.com/2218-Service-Bell-Help.html


ImposterSyndrome-1.0-pc.zip 78 MB


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