(You can play in browser BUT Ren'Py browser is in Beta atm so it lags VERY badly! I highly suggest downloading it and playing it on your Windows, Linux or Mac OS machines. I've built the browser option just in case someone is unable to download the game at their location, such as being on a public computer without admin privileges/etc.)

This is a Game Jam game for  GAMES MADE QVIICK??? HD Remix by Kouda_Ha at Moop UK. There was no official theme but the organiser said "If you need a theme, well, it's June!  Which is moth season!  Make a moth game.  I don't know.  Maybe try this game jam theme generator." so I thought "challenge acepted... MOTH GAME!"

Welcome to 'Carl' a Ren'Py game about catterpillars, butterflies and moths.

There is a good ending and a bad ending, and it all depends on how you act after metamorphosis.

Sidenote: One easter egg to do with the protagonist's name is in this game and you will know it when you see it. Please comment if you find the easter egg as I'd love to know what your reaction was to it.

Controls: Use right mouse button to click through story and to click on answers you wish to make.

Please see 'About' page in-game for the game credits.


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Good end! I love my moth polycule
It was very hard to try the bad path, but nice to see how hard your friends try to keep you away from it even then
I looked up the easter egg man and that's funny, very strange to see with no knowledge of the series though haha

I remembered the meme right at the end with Carl's name so I thought "How do I throw this in with zero context to confuse the most people possible?" and come up with what you found lol


The Good Ending was soooo cute :3 Nice game

(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing. I almost wrote a spoiler here, but I'll just say this was quite an immersive experience x) Thanks for providing a linux build!